Yes. We can process your health fund claim on the spot.

This is often a term used for a crown. A crown is full coverage of a damaged tooth. It looks exactly like a real tooth and has a very good long term prognosis.

We will need to determine this by taking an x-ray and listening to your symptoms. We certainly treat teeth here that require root canal therapy but in some instances you will need to see a specialist.

Remain calm. Seek immediate help. Time is critical. Pick up the tooth only by the white part, not the root. If clean replant immediately and have the patient hold the tooth in place. If the tooth is dirty rinse in milk if available, if not briefly in cold water and replant. Do not scrub the root part. If you cannot replant keep the tooth moist by submerging in milk or wrap in plastic wrap or place inside the patient’s mouth alongside the cheek (if a suitable age). Do not store in water. Phone immediately for an emergency appointment. Remember time is critical and quick action will result in the best possible outcome.

The symptoms for a cracked tooth can be pain on chewing (especially grainy food) or on releasing the biting pressure. Cold or hot food can cause discomfort as can sweet foods. A crack may not be visible to the eye or even on an x-ray and pinpointing the problem tooth can be problematic for you. Clenching or grinding can cause a crack to appear due to the pressure exerted but a tooth that has been extensively filled can over time crack. We keep our teeth for longer now and simple wear and tear can also see the crack begin and slowly work down the length of the tooth.

This can be caused by clenching or grinding the teeth at night. At times of stress and anxiety these symptoms can manifest. A guard to sleep in at night (occlusal splint) can help greatly. These are very comfortable to wear.

Yes. All our equipment is hygienically cleaned and autoclaved and each patient has instruments packaged separately just for them.

No. Our aim is make you comfortable and secure and our treatments are all completed gently and with utmost care.

Acids and sugars in food and drinks are part of our modern lifestyle and need to be restricted in the diet. Dental erosion is a serious problem that leads to irreversible damage. Soft drink, sports drinks, wine, citrus fruits and juices are all some of the culprits. Reflux or recurrent vomiting are also problematic. Saliva plays an important role in the mouth and a dry mouth needs to be investigated by your dentist.

Our aim is for you to come once a year. Those with complex issues or difficulty keeping on top of their hygiene and brushing technique will come more frequently.

Bad breath is never a pleasant problem. It could be as simple as too much coffee (which dries out the mouth) and increasing your water intake can help. However plaque trapped around or under the gums will see bacteria grow and bad breath set in. Our hygienist can help out with this. It can be a sign of periodontal disease so if it persists please seek help.

Our hygienist can help with this, good brushing technique that includes the gums is essential. Periodontal disease is inflammation of the gums supporting the teeth. Letting plaque build up on the teeth will inflame the gums. This can be reversed. If left however, gums may be red or bleed on brushing, you may experience bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth, in the worst cases teeth can be lost.

Twice is preferable. Brushing at night is imperative, as significantly more bacteria grow in your mouth overnight. Avoid brushing for at least 30 minutes after eating or drinking acidic food or drink.

Flossing is so under-rated! Flossing is so important, food trapped between the teeth cannot be removed by brushing alone and left there bacteria will multiply and cause decay.

We remove wisdom teeth here at the surgery but many wisdom teeth are “impacted” or trapped in the gums and these will need to be removed by a specialist.

Yes. We have late appointments on Mondays and Thursdays, last appointment 6.30pm.

Once teeth begin to appear you can bring children in for an appointment. Remember, however, that children have to be happy to pop up in the chair and “open wide”. Not all 2 year olds are happy to do this. We want the visits to begin well, so make sure they are ready. There is a visit to the “prize box” at the end which is always popular!

Yes. We have a vast range of shades to match the vast range of teeth colours.

Toothache can be caused by a number of things so it is very hard to diagnose over the phone. Pain usually means there is a problem of some kind unfortunately.

We can assess your teeth for whitening. Some patients suffer sensitivity with bleaching so we use a gentle home whitening kit that achieves excellent results with low sensitivity issues.

Sensitivity is generally caused by gum issues. Brushing too hard can wear enamel away so always use soft bristled brushes. Avoid brushing after having acidic food or beverages as these soften the enamel and expose it to damage. You can use toothpastes designed for sensitive teeth and these can be very helpful.